Place of Interest

Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Sigiriya, the spectacular 'Lion rock' fortress, stands majestically overlooking the luscious green jungle surroundings, and is one of Sri Lanka's major attractions.

Dambulla cave temple

The Golden Temple of Dambulla is popularly known in the locality as the Dambulla Cave Temple. Of course not much explanation is needed as there is one of its kind! It is another one of those sites in Sri Lanka that is complete with extravagant history and dates back from the 1st century BC. The temple has more than 150 images and statues, architecturally yet naturally lit to construct an outstanding ambience. The entire temple site is stretched over five different caves complete with historic paintings and structures. Hold your breath as you entire this glazing atmosphere with mystifying and remarkable history, all just under a rock!

Ibban katuwa

Archaeologically the ground date back to around 750 BC to 400 BC.Here,several tombs can be seen covered with stone slabs and another interesting fact is those tombs had contained personal items such as clay pots, necklaces etc. Some items had contained Gem Stones which are seen in India giving some hints about the links with the India. Archeologists present several arguments on this site as the people lived in this area has had trade with a foreign country as beads, glass and terra-cotta were discovered.

Minneriya National Park

The Minneriya National Park includes a 249 square km reservoir, built by King Mahasen about 15 centuries ago. In the dry months from August to October, more than 300 wild elephants gather on the shores of the reservoir. This gathering is the highlight of the National Park and is one the largest in the wild anywhere in the world. You may also seespotted deer, sambur, and dozens of species of birds.
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